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Area Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning London Ontario - Area Rug Cleaning Near Me - Area Rug Cleaning London Ontario

Your home reflects your personal style and taste. And what better way to express it than with a beautiful area rug? These rugs boast vibrant colours and glamorous patterns that can enhance the ambiance of any room. But like all things beautiful, area rugs are also prone to aging. They get dirty and lose their charm. Dust, allergens, and stains can damage your area rugs and leave them dull and dry. 

That's where Oriental Rug Exchange comes in to save your rugs from fading away. Our Area rug cleaning service goes beyond the surface to restore your Area rugs to their original splendour, treating them as true pieces of art.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions penetrate the rug's layers deep, dislodging and extracting even the most stubborn contaminants. The result? A cleaner, healthier rug that looks refreshed and enhances your home's overall indoor air quality. That's a double-win!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me - Oriental Rug Cleaning 

Oriental rugs are more than just floor coverings. Their detailed designs, rich colours, and luxurious textures make them real masterpieces that deserve special care and attention. We at Oriental Rug Exchange provide that attention with our expert Oriental rug cleaning service.

We understand the immense value and significance of Oriental rugs. We approach their cleaning with the utmost respect for tradition and expertise. Our team consists of skilled artisans who deeply understand the intricate weaving techniques and materials used in creating these rugs. With their knowledge and precision, we offer an Oriental rug cleaning process that is gentle yet effective, preserving the integrity and artistry of your rug.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaning Near Me - Persian Rug Cleaning - Iranian Carpet Cleaning

Persian rugs are renowned worldwide, and why wouldn't they be? Each Persian rug is a true gem, representing Iran's rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. If you love your Persian rugs as much as we do, you should use a good Persian rug cleaning session to maintain their charm. And we'd happily lend you a helping hand at Oriental Rug Exchange.

We understand the importance of preserving their value and taking extra measures to protect them during cleaning. Our experts carefully inspect each rug before cleaning, identifying any areas of concern such as loose threads, frayed edges, or colour fading — and then we get down to business by cleaning your rug thoroughly.

Whether your rug is a hand-knotted masterpiece or a hand-tufted beauty, we tailor our Persian rug cleaning process to match its specific construction, materials, and dyes.

Vintage Rug Cleaning

Vintage Rug Cleaning Near Me - Vintage Rug Cleaning

Vintage rugs possess a charm that can only be acquired through years of use and history. These rugs, often carrying the marks of time, tell stories of bygone eras and add a touch of nostalgia to any space.

As custodians of these cherished pieces, we understand the importance of preserving their authenticity and enhancing their beauty. Keeping that in view, we offer an exclusive Vintage rug cleaning service — pioneered to respect the rug's age and preserve its original elegance.

Our talented team boasts extensive experience in cleaning and preserving vintage rugs and understanding the delicate nature of these extraordinary pieces. We implement gentle and specialized methods to infuse life back into the faded areas, giving your vintage rug a renewed vitality while preserving its nostalgic charm. 

Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique Rug Cleaning Near - Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique rugs are precious heirlooms that carry the weight of history and hold immense sentimental value. But they lose their sparkle if covered in dust, dirt, and stains. Oriental Rug Exchange has just the right solution to revive your rug.

Our expert Antique rug cleaning techniques carefully remove dirt, stains, and allergens, rejuvenating the rug's fibers without compromising their integrity. With our deep understanding of antique rugs and their unique requirements, we revive their original luster, vibrant colours, and intricate patterns. Entrust your cherished antique rugs to us, and let us breathe new life into these exquisite pieces of history.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk Rug Cleaning Near Me - Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs personify luxury and elegance with their delicate threads, shimmering surfaces, and exquisite patterns.

These beautiful rugs are revered for their glow and vibrant colours. But over time, accumulated dirt and exposure to sunlight can diminish their lustre.

Due to their sensitivity, they require someone who understands the intricacies of dealing with silk rugs. At Oriental Rug Exchange, we have perfected our craft, cleaning every type of silk rug over the years.

Our professional Silk rug cleaning process focuses on rejuvenating and enhancing the rug's natural brilliance. By employing advanced cleaning methods and mild solvents specifically designed for silk, we restore the rug's radiance, allowing its colours to shine vibrantly once again.

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